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Originally, GoldenStone was born from the need to bring the valuable and highly demanded Hass Avocados from Michoacán directly to the retailers and from there to the consumers, generating an unparalleled chain of value for both the producers and the marketers of this precious fruit.

GoldenStone works directly with the farms and packers to obtain the best products in the field, maintaining its freshness, integrity and qualities, always understanding that these are the attributes that our customers seek most.

Initially, our operations were born in Michoacán, Mexico; recognized worldwide as the birthplace of the Hass Avocado. From there we have extended and expanded our operations, seeking to satisfy the demand and necessity of our customers for our precious and unique products of the Mexican field.


We are a company with a huge social and corporate commitment that seeks to directly connect producers to retail centers, generating greater value added with the absolute satisfaction of the final consumer in mind.


To be recognized as the best and most efficient contact channel between producers and consumers, establishing a direct supply chain without intermediaries, always seeking cost savings from the origin and naturally passing these benefits to our clients.


Transparency, efficiency and profitability for producers; quality, price and differentiation for marketers.

To be the direct contact channel par excellence between producers and retailers without restriction of borders or forms of commercialization.

Represent always the best and the most selected of the Mexican field, with special focus on the Hass Avocados of Michoacán.

To be the best value option for our shareholders and collaborators, and above all, for our customers.

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